• 24 hour cleaning provision.
  • Waste disposal and management.
  • On-site help-desk.
  • Full on-site management.
  • Major plant and trained operatives in clearing extremely large sites.
  • Litter picking.
  • Washroom and shower facilities.
  • Provision of washroom attendants.
  • Camp site cleaning and maintenance.
  • Recycling centre
  • Road sweeping.

Choosing the right professional event cleaning services provider is a decision that can significantly contribute to the success of that event. We have years of experience that allows Aspis Cleaning to quickly assess the specific requirements of a site.

This vital industry knowledge also allows us to quickly deploy the appropriate number of staff and ensure the most effective methods are used. Whether a small indoor event or a weekend festival thousands, it is important that all customer, artist, sponsor and partner areas are clean and hygienic.

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